Professional Development Groups

Join facilitated workshops or an ongoing group, engaging with other professionals, bright sparks - igniting - inspiriting in collaboration.  Together, guided and supported by facilitators you can identify future hopes and targets for professional life.  We use group models of coaching, transactional analysis and NLP to bring out the best in you and support you overcoming any hurdles that have held you back on your oath.

Group workshops help to build confidence with likeminded peers, seeking similar outcomes.  Whether you are seeking promotion, new ways to deal with workplace issues or an opportunity to change direction, this think tank group is right for you. Friendly, informal and informative, with great coffee.

Facilitated workshops, shared knowledge, create satisfaction in your world of work.
Costs vary depending on attending one off or series of sessions.
Location: Birmingham City Centre

Personal Development Groups

Join our personal development group, with an aim to thrive and create a fulfilling life. We meet on a monthly basis for  facilitated meetings, to overcome life issues that taint and dispel health and  happiness.
Our goal is to be curious, explore, support change and empower each other.

The Personal Development workshops  offer
   Therapeutic support and counseling services
    formulated to enhance your experience of life:
To find happiness
To increase your options
To help you achieve your goals
To break out of old patterns and create a positive path
To recognise reality, accept it, and work toward a brighter future
To adapt to a life that is constantly changing
To become the person that you want to be

To enjoy life and all it has to offer

The Personal Development workshops are run by an experienced staff of thrappeutic coaches who offer a whole person approach to psychotherapy, coaching, counseling, training.

Confidentiality assured 

Cost- varies depending on attendance per session or attending a series of sessions.
Venue- Birmingham City Centre

 Confidante Support - your professional ally

Sometimes our work and personal life can bring challenges that blurr the boundaries and cause stress and isolation.  This can be helped by having an objective and independent ally, a confidante. We can offer support to facilitate change in your personal &/or professional life. It's more than coaching and training, it's bespoke to yor needs - a safe space to talk, understand the dynamics of your situation and work through options and strategy for new outcomes, or staying psychologically resilient and healthy in your current situation.

Contact us to experience that safe space to talk, reflect, unburden, refresh and renew. 

This approach cleverly combines coaching, transactional analysis, one on one training and empowerment, with you at the centre and your best interest at heart, without feedback to your employer.

Cost- sliding scale
Venue - Birmingham City Centre or at your workplace

Wobblies & Wheelies

Whether you are living with a debilitating illness or disability, we offer coaching & support as we journey with you. We empower and advocate to support your hopes and goals.

Do you want to create options for your life and make new choices? One to one or group support.  

Cost- Sliding scale
Venue - home visit or Birmingham City Centre

Interpersonal Skills & Psychological                    Resilience Training

We provide 1-1 sessions and group workshops designed to improve your communication style,
raise your awareness and increase your psychological resilience.

Our clients report great results, socially and in business.

Invest in yourself and create new ways of engaging.

Cost- Sliding scale
Birmingham City Centre or your workplace

I whole heartedly recommend Ria as a mentor, trainer and personal coach. She is excellent at understanding complex circumstances and coming up with tailored solutions.

I am very satisfied with service provided by Ria and peoplebizz
DS Matheru