Conflict at home

If you have conflict at home, with children, teenagers or adult family  members and want to find peaceful, workable  solutions, we can work with you and the others involved.  Let us help you to create options that lead to change, journeying with you through the pain. Confidentiality assured, safe experienced conciliators, helping families in distress due to addiction, criminality, embarrassment and relationship breakdowns that seem beyond hope.  
We are rarely surprised and never judge.

Cost - Sliding scale.

Couples making up & breaking up

We help couples renegotiate the ground rules following tough times. Building agreements that lead to trust and testing new ways of being together, that work for all concerned.  

When you've decided to call time on 'us' we can help facilitate splitting up and making decisions that work for you both, without the added burden of the legal system creating hostility.  Take your negotiated charter to courts and legal services once you have come to a place of fairness and agreement.  Including Childrens best interests and even the pets.

Friends, partners & flatmates

I think that, as life is action and passion, we should share the passion and action of our time at peril of being judged not to have lived at all.

when the good times seem a long time ago and hurt feelings have become deeper resentments.  Money owed, belongings and shared ownership are difficult to sort out between you.  Talk to us about mediating the situation and finding a peaceful approach to your distress and distrust.

our fees are reasonable and our approach is fair.  Don't give up hope.

Confidentiality assured.  Please contact us for an no obligation assessment of your situation.