Creating awareness in the workplace

Connecting current cohesive strategy to operational goals

We work with employers who want to create a difference in the mechanisms of the business, be it culture, change, responsibility or accountability.  We offer review of the landscape that makes up the company.   It's a time to uncover old beliefs and behaviours that may now be outdated and irrelevant.  
Pits an opportunity to refresh and reboot how things work and why.

iWe focus on your organisational structures, history and processes alongside individuals and their relationships (at every level), orienting toward partnership approaches for co-creativity, solutions, and meaning to fit your company.
We assess, evaluate and implement appropriate consequences for your people and processes that are not seemingly present in the situation, including the content and purpose of communication, structures, and processes.
We also consider other background factors (e.g. funding/ financial benefit or marketing strategy) in addition to psychological background and shape our approaches to fit interplay and integration with your profession and perspectives, developing approaches that integrate different disciplines (not only as an additional speciality or as an appendix to psychological considerations) such as HR, Finance and other diverse big players in business life.

We regard the individual identity of different professions plus the diversity of identities within an organisation, and priorities according to their fields eg in a law firm, where ancillary staff run the company but do not receive fees or stays attached to the majority of power holders in the company.
We encourage openness to sharing knowledge, empowering you to adopt a variety of approaches, concepts and methods, according to the developmental needs of the company, drawing on organisational transactional analysis, systemic approaches, NLP and mindfulness.

We want to assure you of our professionalism at all times, confidentiality in the market and meeting opportunities of emerging new challenges to assist you in your business endeavours.