How do you unwind and relax? Flop in front of the telly? Run a bath, nap or exercise.  My friend Ged does Tai Chi and has a massage regularly.  I use mindfulness techniques, which also help me manage pain following a car accident. I use this with clients sa a way to unlock and release pressure that over time becomes stress. Sometimes we can lose touch with ourselves so much that we don't even know we have done so, until suddenly we realise with a start that we have just been going through the motions, without really experiencing our lives. ...

 If you are a short of free time, workaholic or obsess, then mindfulness or relaxation will really help you, as will switching off electronic devices - I know, a big step, but in the meantime, exercise or talking with friends or loved ones would be a really kind gift to yourself, perhaps cheaper than gym membership too.

some people get into a kindred head space through gardening or being creative, what ever works for you, get in touch with it, don't put it off, because all your doing is moving yourself further down the 'You-Queue'.  You are important, give yourself a mini mindful holiday from the pressure and step outside of the pressure and annoyances, take some you time.

Here are some free web resources for you to try out are:

If you prefer to read- One minute mindfulness is a is a great book by Simon Parke, full of easy peasy reads it rests on my bedside table and has daily readings, just a short passage to reflect on tough the busy day.

Whatever is invading your peace and quiet, do something different today.